Job seekers take note!

Microsoft have today announced increased functionality in Office 365, or more specifically in Word. Job seekers will rejoice at the new Resume Assistant which has been built in conjunction with LinkedIn and uses AI to help build CV’s.

The new add-in which is available this week to Office 365 users will show users examples of CV’s from a particular field so that they can describe their own work experience in the best terms. Also, the top skills for that job will be shown so that users can include keywords in their CV’s.


There is the added functionality called ‘Open Candidates’ that allows the job seeker to alert recruiters on LinkedIn that they are actively seeking a new role without their current employer knowing.

By design the new Resume Assistant should help create better CV’s and help job seekers be more competitive in the workplace.

If you wish to know more about Office 365, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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